Success stories


Successes in .wales

.cymru and .wales names create a real opportunity to showcase your Welsh credentials. Find out who’s joining us in making the web more Welsh. Be inspired by their .cymru and .wales success stories.

National Botanic Garden of Wales

The National Botanic Garden of Wales adopts .wales and .cymru domain names to attract visitors from across the globe.

National Museum Wales

National Museum Wales adopts a .cymru and .wales domain to strengthen the 'Welshness' of their brand.

Hangar 5 Trampoline Park

The first trampoline park in Wales chooses a unique and memorable .wales domain.

Fabulous Welshcakes

Fabulous Welshcakes is thriving, with a shop in Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, a website and plans to expand the kitchen and introduce a second shop.

The Brown's Iconic Bar and Boutique B&B

Welsh iconic literary address Brown’s is keen to include and promote their Welsh heritage in all aspects of business.

Evans Pharmacy

With technology increasingly playing a vital role in pharmacies, Welsh based Evans Pharmacy are ensuring that they’re ahead of the digital curve.


With rugby being the Wales’ national sport, it made perfect sense for the gatekeepers of rugby in Wales, the Welsh Rugby Union, to be amongst the first to sign up to our first national domain names.

Arriva Trains Wales

When nearly 70% of your customer base depend on your website to find out the latest train times, prices and travel information, ensuring that the website domain you’re using fits the bill is essential.

Theatr Genedlaethol

As Wales’ Welsh-language national theatre, Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru travel the length and breadth of Wales and beyond, bringing their innovative productions to communities across the country.

People's Collection

For the People’s Collection, ensuring visitors to their website know where they’re from is key. Providing a service and website where people can share and explore photographs, video clips and stories celebrating the history of Wales.

Life Seeker

Launched in January 2016, Life Seeker promotes the mission “Play smart. Live well” and builds on Sally’s passion to encourage people to create their own happiness through inspirational stories and practical experiences.

Welsh Government

Since the new domains for Wales launched in 2014, the Welsh Government were among the first to get behind this new online opportunity and led the way.

Vale Sports Arena

With Welsh football taking centre stage in 2016, it’s been the perfect time for the Vale Sports Arena, Wales’ biggest indoor football provision, to open its doors to the public.


When .cymru and .wales domains became available for the first time, Swyddle, a small Welsh start-up, seized the opportunity.

Football Association of Wales

FAW is one of the key sporting bodies in Wales that is leading the way in making the switch to .cymru and .wales domains

Yr Urdd

In international discussions, the Welsh youth movement, Yr Urdd, has been delighted to show that their domain name is .cymru.



For Portmeirion, the fact that the .cymru domain is recognised not only in Wales but internationally offers an opportunity for businesses in Wales.

Think Orchard

As a creative agency, ensuring that their online presence reflects their services is key and a big part of that is demonstrating that they’re working in Wales and in Welsh.



For most companies these days, ensuring that you have an engaging and current online presence is a priority. And for Indycube, that means housing their website on .wales and .cymru domains.

Nom Nom

Nom Nom

With a name like Nom Nom, you know that their chocolate does what it says on the tin and with their .cymru domain name, they’re also able to show everyone where they’re from before they’ve even reached their website.


For Llew Tudur, .cymru and .wales are almost a part of his brand. He creates the most Welsh of all pieces of craftwork – lovespoons - so a Welsh domain is perfect and ensures his customers always think of Wales.


The channel was amongst the first public bodies to use the names .wales and .cymru – matching its work as a pioneer for Wales on the web.