Afallen growing in strength with .cymru

For most startups, creating a website that can successfully communicate its core values and services is a top priority. And for Afallen, this meant registering a .cymru domain.

Afallen is a Welsh business specialising in multi-disciplinary consultancy for sustainable communities and enterprises. It launched in May 2019 with a strong focus on delivery related to the Future Generations Act.

Passionate about supporting local suppliers wherever possible, the startup works closely with businesses and individual consultants spanning the four corners of Wales. The team also support organisations across the UK and have ambitions internationally.

Afallen Team

When the team of three began their journey, they knew that providing a bilingual service for clients would be a fundamental part of their offering. Naturally, having a .cymru web domain demonstrated their understanding and commitment to the Welsh language.

There is no doubt that the company is on the ascent. The team are currently working towards their environmental accreditation and planning to pursue a cybersecurity accreditation – it’s clear that the next 12 months are going to be exciting.

“Having a .cymru web domain roots you as a company or organisation in Wales, and the value that the domain provides the brand is very important.”

“A .cymru is a real door opener, so for us, it was a no-brainer. We never considered any other domain name, we never considered anything else. We’re really happy with the decision.”

“As the registration of the Welsh domains continues to rise, I imagine it will become the default proposition for organisations and businesses based in Wales. If your market is predominantly Wales, it’s a no brainer to take on .wales and .cymru.”


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