Welsh Whisperer

.cymru establishing the Welsh Whisperer’s identity

The Welsh Whisperer’ brand was created in 2015 by Andrew Walton as an entertainer’s persona as a country folk pop performer, radio presenter and television personality.

For those of you not familiar, the Welsh Whisperer travels and performs Welsh country folk entertainment across Welsh Television and radio. Welsh Whisper’s audience started out locally within rural communities in Wales, when the act became popular from the album release of ‘Y Dyn o Gwmfelin Mynach’ meaning ‘The Man from Gwmfelin Mynach’ The success in these local communities led to increased sales and streaming figures and the popularity of the entertainer expanded. Following on from this success The Welsh Whiperer has gained a strong following from people with Welsh roots globally around the world, particularly in the rest of the UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Adapting through COVID-19

Being a part of the entertainment industry, ‘The Welsh Whisperer’ felt the effects of Covid. A year’s worth of live shows were cancelled and face-to-face interactions were postponed. This meant promotion online became crucial. The Welsh Whisperer focused efforts on increasing the number of visitors to his online store and utilised his social media channels to stay in touch with audiences digitally and globally, whilst we were unable to attend events in person.

Why a Welsh domain?

“Having a .Cymru domain has shown me that using a Welsh domain can be successful and attract traffic from all over the world, I have shipped Welsh Whisperer merchandise across Europe and to the USA/Australia and New Zealand.”

“Throughout my career one thing has stayed constant, a website to tie everything together, from live dates, the online store, music, videos, song lyrics etc. I’m glad to be able to use a .cymru domain since the start.”

-The Welsh Whisperer

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