Football Association of Wales making their mark on the pitch and online

2016 is a big year for the Football Association of Wales. Wales’ national football team is making its mark on the international football stage for the first time in since 1958 but they’re also making their mark online.

To coincide with the teams’ successful qualification for this summer’s European Championships, the FAW have relaunched their website and what could be more a more perfect web address for Wales’ national football team than

As FAW’s Ian Gwyn Hughes says, the new domain gives them an identity different to the one they’ve had before. It works for anyone who wants to show they’re from somewhere different and are proud of being Welsh.

“When you think of the fact we’ve qualified for the European Championships now, there are 24 countries, including ourselves, so it gives us a massive reach. People can see we’re not just a small part of England, we are our own identity and I think it extends the appeal of Wales and Welshness and shows that we are a modern vibrant country. As an association, we would recommend it to anyone.”


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