.wales perfect for WRU brand


With rugby being the Wales’ national sport, it made perfect sense for the gatekeepers of rugby in Wales, the Welsh Rugby Union, to be amongst the first to sign up to our first national domain names too, .wales and .cymru.

With their website acting as a vital source of information for Wales fans at home and across the world, ensuring that their website fit the bill was key to the WRU. So, when it came to updating and modernizing their website, they not only adopted both domains for their main website, www.wru.wales and www.wru.cymru but they also took the opportunity to change the stadium’s domain name as well as transferring websites of all member clubs across Wales to .cymru and .wales.

“We decided to register a .wales domain name because we thought it was great for the brand, great for our identity as a business based in Wales.” says Rhodri Lewis, WRU’s Head of Legal Affairs.

“Having a strong online presence is critical to what we do with so much going through social media and digital communication and our website is really our main connection sometimes with the people who come to the stadium who wish to engage with rugby in Wales.

“We found it’s a great thing for Wales and for us as brand with our international reach and hopefully we can also sell Wales when we’re welcoming people to the country.”

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