.cymru and .wales getting the job done for Swyddle

When .cymru and .wales domains became available for the first time, Swyddle, a small Welsh start-up, seized the opportunity. As an independent company specializing in Welsh language recruitment, being able to reflect that they’re a Welsh company, mostly working in Wales, in their online digital presence is of the upmost important to them.

Although they had already established Swyddle’s website on a .com domain, they decided to register both the .wales and .cymru addresses as well, enabling them to include their Welsh language content on the .cymru site and the English on .wales. “This enables individuals to discover any information they need, in the language that they choose” says Dafydd Henry, one of Swyddle’s founders.

“We would definitely encourage every company in Wales to switch over to the domains. Being local to your audience is really important, there’s no point trying to communicate with people across the world in one language, they want to communicate in their own language and .cymru and .wales enable that to happen.”

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