People’s Collection

Taking Welsh heritage online with .cymru and .wales

For the People’s Collection, ensuring visitors to their website know where they’re from is key. Providing a service and website where people can share and explore photographs, video clips and stories celebrating the history of Wales, the People’s Collection website sits at the very heart of their work.

That’s why for them, when they heard about the opportunity to switch to new .cymru and .wales domains, they jumped at the chance to switch from their old address to the shorter and for them, it was a straight forward process.

According to Rheinallt Foster Jones, the change in domain also provided the opportunity to emphasise Wales on the web. He said “We don’t just work in Wales, we work with people from across the world and it’s important that people can find us but that they also understand that we’re from Wales: .wales. We are about Wales’ heritage after all. Nearly all of our output is through our website. We also do work in the community and it’s important that there is a place online that people can come and discover us easily.”

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