Showcase your Welsh identity with a .wales or .cymru email address

Whether you’re starting a new exciting business venture, looking to make your established SME more digital or you want to showcase your personal project online, a .wales or .cymru email address can help you demonstrate your heritage, appear professional and build your Welsh brand online.  

Securing a .wales or .cymru domain name allows you to own a branded email address, like [email protected]. You could even have an email address for the whole family, like [email protected] Using a Welsh domain name ending helps you showcase your Welsh identity while making it easy for people to know where you, your family or your business comes from, helping you stand out.  

Whether you’re looking to build your business or personal brand online, start your search for a .wales or .cymru domain using the handy search tool below.

Today, there are over 23,000 domains with a .wales or .cymru and with all Welsh Government funded websites using and subdomains, you’ll be joining other Welsh businesses, enterprises and personal projects who are using a .wales or .cymru domain to make the web more Welsh.   

A Welsh domain can also be used for more than just email. Your .wales or .cymru domain can be used to host a professional website address, strengthening your brand and identity online and adding consistency across your online portfolio.  



Why not start your search today? Explore available .wales and .cymru domain names here.  

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