Join in and making the web more Welsh

This marks the point where there are just two weeks left of the all important Welsh Business Priority phase of our launch programme. This is a period of time during which if you’re a Welsh business and can prove use of your business name in Wales you can apply for your .cymru and .wales domain name.

Joining our home online is the perfect way to showcase your business in Wales and show that you’re proud to be a part of making the web more Welsh. Here are just some of the ways in which .cymru and .wales could be good for your business:

They’re the perfect way to highlight your geographic location and provenance – is a clear indication to the world of where our capital city is.

And simple to remember – , how much easier could we make it!

.cymru & .wales domains allow you:

  • To stand out in the increasingly cluttered .com and namespace, and those great names that you couldn’t get because they were already taken… if you want them in Wales – now is your chance!


  • Fly the flag – what better way to show the world how proud you are to work and sell in Wales.


  • Reach Welsh speakers – the .cymru platform is the perfect vehicle to demonstrate that you want to do business in the Welsh language. That said, there are certainly no rules which prevent you from doing this on a .wales platform or indeed using the English language on your .cymru space.


  • Protect your brand in Wales – register your brand or company name now to stop others getting there first.


  • And don’t forget that you can also use them as your email address, for example [email protected].


The .cymru and .wales domain names will be available to the general public from 1st March 2015 but are available to businesses RIGHT NOW, and we need YOUR support to tell as many of them as possible about this fantastic opportunity.

Please sign up to share this message from your social media accounts on December 10th, add your voice to ours and help us make the web more Welsh!

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