Make the Web More Welsh with a .Wales domain

Nominet, the organisation responsible for the smooth running of the .UK internet for over 20 years, launched .cymru and .wales as the top-level domains for Wales in March 2015.

87% of Welsh households have access to the internet and 94% of people who use the internet, access it daily.  This shows that the internet is a crucial resource in keeping the Welsh community connected. So what better way to stay connected than with a .cymru and .wales domain.

There are several benefits to purchasing a Welsh domain name for your business:

Showcase your brand’s Welsh identity

By adopting a .cymru or .wales domain name, you immediately communicate the message that you are a Welsh brand; enhancing your reputation as a patriotic company that cares about Welsh identity, culture and language.

Not only does this add a unique selling point to your business, but as a generation that’s keen on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), your business will certainly receive kudos for making efforts to keep the Welsh language and culture alive.

Improve your SEO ranking

Investing in a .cymru or .wales domain name can do wonders for attracting traffic to your website, especially if your business is currently working on a Welsh localisation strategy. For instance, having a .wales or .cymru domain will increase relevancy to users in Wales. Therefore, the click-through rates to your site can be higher; and if the click-through rates are higher, Google will look more favourably on you.

With everything we do online having the intention of generating more traffic, a Welsh extension can simply add another strand to your overall digital marketing strategy.

Position yourself as a leading Welsh brand

With the Welsh start-up community continuing to grow, enhancing the need to stand out as a modern business is more important than ever. Purchasing a .cymru or .wales domain name can be all you need to separate yourself from similar businesses in your space.

Where most of us expect to see domain names ending in the conventional .com or extensions, displaying a new Welsh version shows that you have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the evolving world of digital marketing.

There has never been a better time to create a website. Businesses today cannot afford to be hidden away offline, especially given the increasing digital expectations from consumers this year due to Covid-19. Already in 2020, there’s been a 47% increase in new registrations from 2019* – helping those businesses stand out and be acknowledged as forward-thinking organisations.

Sharing your passion for Welsh heritage through your domain name is now incredibly simple and affordable, so find out if your ideal domain name is available today.

*Increase in new registrations of 47% for the calendar year to August 2020.

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