Over 10,000 .wales .cymru web addresses sold in one month – so make sure you move fast.wales to get one

Since launching to General Availability on March 1st, over 10,000 .cymru or .wales internet addresses have been sold, with websites and emails proudly displaying their Welsh connection already becoming a part of Welsh life.

To mark the end of the first month of trading, at midday on Tuesday 31st March .cymru .wales will be releasing the list of 3,000 generic names which were held back as Premium Names.

The new release of domain names will give organisations, businesses and individuals the opportunity to have the simplest and most memorable domain names at the same standard price as general .cymru .wales domains.

From colwynbay.wales to caerphilly.wales town and city domain names across Wales available as will a range of generic terms like:

  • adventure.wales
  • barabrith.cymru
  • caryl.cymru
  • dating.wales
  • excursions.wales
  • fferyllfa.cymru
  • ycymoedd.cymru
  • zoo.wales

Commenting on these additional available names, Jo Golley from .cymru .wales said:

“The names include some really great generic domain names. Some are fun, some are directional, others are more personal, but what they all offer is a unique opportunity to have a distinctive Welsh presence online.

“The most popular names will be swept up quickly so I would urge anyone who wants to secure a favoured web or email address to be ready on 31st March.”

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