Select one of the participating Registrars below to register your Welsh domain name from just £1:


For a limited period from 1st October to 30th November 2018 you can buy a .cymru or .wales domain name for as little as £1.

The .cymru and .wales domains create a real opportunity to showcase your Welsh credentials and heritage.

Perfect if you are looking to target the Welsh market, increase awareness of your business and share your passion for Wales.

Previous research by Nominet shows that 70% of Welsh consumers and 59% of Welsh businesses believe Wales benefits by having its own domain space, and that they have a strong preference for either .cymru or .wales over many available alternatives.

Many of Wales’ favourite brands are already using a .cymru and .wales for their website and email address.

Register yours today and you’ll be in good company with over 20,000 .cymru and .wales domains already registered to date.

Liam Burgess

I would absolutely recommend that anybody making a product in Wales takes up a .cymru and .wales domain name… For us it’s really important that we show where we come from and everything that we do is to make a clear point of difference to other brands and services out there. We think .cymru is a really awesome way of telling half a story already without having to say anything.

Liam Burgess, Nom Nom Chocolates
Ian Gwyn Hughes

People can see we’re not just a small part of England, we are our own identity and I think it extends the appeal of Wales and Welshness and the fact that we are a modern vibrant country. As an association I would recommend .cymru and .wales to anyone.

Ian Gwyn Hughes. Football Association of Wales

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