Think Orchard

Think Orchard, Think .wales

Designing and creating unique websites is a key part of Think Orchard’s work and for them, if you’re a business working in Wales, .cymru and .wales are the appropriate domains for your business.

As a creative agency, ensuring that their online presence reflects their services is key and a big part of that is demonstrating that they’re working in Wales and in Welsh.

“The domains are important to the business. They show that the business works through the medium of Welsh and we’re happy to shout that from the rooftops!” says Head of Design and Digital at Think Orchard, Andrew Minton.

They’re experts at creating new websites for their clients and according to them, setting up a .cymru or .wales domain is just as easy as setting up a .com address.

“Our online presence if very important, it’s where we show our products to everyone and it’s important that we can show those products in Welsh and English and that we can work with companies in either language or both if needed.”

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