.cymru Key to Indycube’s Identity

For most companies these days, ensuring that you have an engaging and current online presence is a priority. And for Indycube, that means housing their website on .wales and .cymru domains.

“I think nowadays you have got to be online and not to be missing an opportunity. Its important people can find you at the click of a keyboard or on their phone or their tablet” says Mark Hooper, Indycube founder.

Providing co-working spaces across Wales and further afield, Indycube’s website is a portal of information for prospective users and they’re proud to be using .cymru and .wales domains to share that information:

“It’s really important for us to have the Welsh .wales and .cymru domain names for our company because we’re Welsh and we’re really proud to be working in Wales.

“We just use .cymru and .wales now because we think they’re really important for our identity. We’re looking now at going elsewhere outside of Wales and we’re still going to use .cymru and .wales as our domain extensions as well, so we’re proud to be Welsh wherever we are.”

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