From .wales with love

For Llew Tudur, .cymru and .wales are almost a part of his brand.

He creates the most Welsh of all pieces of craftwork – lovespoons – so a Welsh domain is perfect and ensures his customers always think of Wales.

Ahead of launching his new business last summer, the young woodcarver registered for both the new domain names.

The decision has helped his profile too – on Google, the Welsh language version of his business website comes to the top when people search for ‘llwyau caru’ … that’s Welsh for ‘lovespoons’ of course.

He is now so busy that he has to consider taking on a new member of staff and his lovespoons are being bought from as far afield as Australia and New Zealand.

His products are as distinct as the new domain names – in his workshop in Bethesda, Llew Tudur carves lovespoons with personal designs.

“When someone asks for a spoon, I ask about their background and use those ideas in my work,” he says.

He uses traditional chisels and a small Stanley knife to do the intricate carving.

But much of his marketing work uses the latest technology, making .wales and .cymru a crucial part of this traditional pattern.

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