EJ Catering

The missing ingredient for EJ Catering: A .wales domain name

EJ Catering has been providing delicious food and drink at events in the Cardiff, Monmouth and Swansea area for nearly twenty years. The business was founded by Cordon Bleu-trained chef Emma Jenkins. Her aim? To freshen up the catering industry by bringing delicious, creative and bespoke treats to the table, at a time when “beige buffets” were standard for corporate events. Since then, the business has flourished, and it now has a loyal and expanding clientele, catering for everything, from weddings and christenings to large corporate functions.

As the industry continues to evolve and more competitors enter the market, EJ Catering’s digital presence is becoming increasingly important to its success. The company’s website is its shop window, showcasing all it has to offer, including mouth-watering new menus, customer testimonials and contact details. When .wales  domains became available, Emma quickly recognised the benefits and secured ejcatering.wales:

“We're patriotic supporters of Wales and always look to source the best quality, seasonal produce from local Welsh suppliers. So when people ask for the website address it is great to be able to emphasise our Welsh pedigree by telling them that we are ‘.wales’.”

Emma also hopes it will boost search credentials for the business:

“A significant proportion of our new customers come from outside Wales, looking to cater for an event in Wales. With both the words ‘catering’ and ‘Wales’ in our website name, we’re expecting to see more leads coming from online searches, growing our reputation for high quality, bespoke catering, within Wales and beyond.”