In December 2012 we ran a three month consultation seeking feedback on our proposals for the rules and processes we would adopt to introduce and develop .cymru and .wales.  The consultation sought feedback on a number of areas including:

  • Whether there should be any link between the .cymru and .wales domain names and if so, how such a connection might operate.
  • Whether there should be any restrictions on who can register a .cymru or .wales domain.
  • The approach to managing domain names in Welsh.
  • Proposals for the launch of the new domain name spaces, including the approach to trade marks and other rights.

We would like to thank all of those stakeholders who responded to the consultation and who have helped us develop our proposals for .cymru and .wales.  We have published a short analysis of the response we received and a policy statement setting out our conclusions following the consultation.

We believe that the decisions we have made will create a strong policy framework in which .cymru and .wales can flourish.

Registrars interested in selling .cymru and .wales domain names can find out more at Registrar Resources.

You can also view our original consultation document and view our consultation webinar for registrars.